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Ametta Place is a modern residential project that has incorporated new class features in each unit.  Whether the groups are small or big, the features are all the same without any of them getting better designs than the others. 

Ametta Place brings a luxurious, comfortable life that allows a family to remain secure at all time.  Picture this, in standard house setups where something like a swimming pool is not available; the parents cannot allow their children to go out looking for a swimming pool alone.  At Ametta Place, children of age can go out swimming without their parents because the entire environment is safe and secure.  This gives the parents time to rest after a hard day’s work or just do run some errand that is required saving everyone time and money for that matter.

This is what we mean when we talk of features and amenities that come with purchasing this home.  Remember the greatest advantage is the fact that you do not have to pay any more for these services.  Once you have the purchase in order, you are free to move in and enjoy these free services. 

The features that the residents enjoy in their homes cannot be entirely fulfilling without some outdoor activities.  Children need that run in the playground while parents need that evening close walk to catch up on each other’s heart issues.  This makes life beautiful in its simple forms. 

The freshness of the air outside has never been overtaken even by the strongest room fresheners.  It remains in a class of its own and helps your body the same way.  Alveo Land seem to have noticed this right from the beginning, therefore, made special provisions for the outdoor life. 

The free features ensure that the entire community enjoys both their personal and communal time.  The facilities provided are big enough to accommodate quite a good number of people at a go allowing groups to mingle freely.

The outdoor amenities include

Basketball court
Two children’s playgrounds
Jogging trails
Game rooms
Gate Guard
Function Hall
Pool Deck
Lounge Area
Open Lawn
Tree House
Lap pool
Leisure pool
Bike path
Guard house
Entrance gate
Wi-Fi hotspot
Multipurpose area

All these amenities bring an entertainment feel creating an environment that nurtures families and promotes interaction among the neighbors making it one big village.           

  • Main Entrance
  • Multi-Purpose Court
  • Park
  • Pool
  • Social Zone
  • Sports Park
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